Digitisation of Koduvally Municipality

Second municipality in the state to use this technology

Koduvally:municipality has been a part of the project called intelligent property management system, which would bring a revolutionary change in the field of urban planning, planning and implementation and tax collection. Municipality Chairperson Sherief Kannadi has disclosed that along with the mapping of complete municipal building data, roads, landmarks, soaked areas and the micro level land use maps will also be portrayed in a web portal which can be searched. The tablet which has the application being developed by ULTS, the IT wing of ULCCS has been specially made using DGPS, drone, GPS, and laser tap has been used for the surveying purpose. After the investigation done by the expert, the data will be combined and incorporated in the web portal which can be searched accordingly. Deputy chairperson A.P. Majeed has told that the transcript for the mapping purpose will be taken from the revenue department. The drone mapping started on Monday, 26 November 2018 and shall be completed and handed over to municipality by January 31 2019. Koduvally is the second municipality in the state after Thalassery municipality. The genuine and honest database, proper ward boundaries, all the buildings inside the municipality along with the pictures, road data and socio-economic data will be incorporated in the web portal. The departments like modern town planning, accurate implementation, efficient tax collection, scheme eligibility checks, basic infrastructure development, agriculture, business, health, disaster management are going to be a part of this project. GIS senior manager Jake Jacob and assistant manager (client-relation) Prathiush were explained about the project from municipal conference hall during the meeting.

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